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Welcome to open mind industries, we are small R&D company. working on developing product or the disabled and able bodied. Our goal is to provide Products, that everyone can use to improve their daily life. 


Here will be reviewing current products, that we find interesting and useful. as well as designing our own Products.


We are also providing 3D printing services

For those that are trying to bring they're or other creators 3D models to life. 


Hope to hear from you soon thanks for stopping by.


Ali co-founder Open mind industries™



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The Mind Unleashed EP 6 - Brain fart

The Mind Unleashed EP 6 - Brain fart

In this episode I talk about what's been going on throughout the week, 3-D scanning with XYZ scanner / Microsoft Kinect. paint job for my crutches Batman and joker idea. 

In my first experience at 4DX Theater here in orlando  at point Orlando

Spoilers:  guardians of the galaxy vol. 2